If you no longer like your house, you need changes or you would simply like to renovate something. EM living knows what to do to help.
You will find a competent team of hardworking professionals who can offer inovative technical solutions for all your needs.
We can redesign any room or create a new style in your chalet, your town apartment or your new holiday home -made to measure, of high quality and with a personal touch !
We complete services for clients who have ideas- with their own projects.
A one to one contact choosing, flooring, material and decoration, gaining time and money.
We will follow you from beginning to end and offer you the home of your dreams.


Big or small, each space we live in, needs to be thought out by those who will live there. It is not worth trying to imagine how your home can be, we create a 3D design in which you can virtually walk around !

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Even small jobs like changing a carpet or refurbishing a bathroom means calling on various people ( friends or a removal company to move furniture or pack up your personal things, plumber, electrician and a cleaning company when the work is finalized.
A thousand decisions to take and very little concrete help. With us you can have someone professional who will take care of the whole job, so everything will be done the way you have chosen and especially in your timing !

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We will help you with any job, from laying floors ( wood, terazzo, ceramic carpets etc) to ( wallpaper, wood or painting ) and demolition of walls to recreate more interior space.
There are no limits to your desires !
Look up the display gallery of our work, the next house could be yours !

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We can realize your dreams about furniture and interior. We realize custom-made furnishings. The subdivision and competence of the work grants extreme professionalism, high efficiency and quality without comparison to the client. The elevated professionalism of our workers comes from “craftsman like origins” and allow us to realize custom-made fittings for each need and with every kind of material.

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Do you need help with your wallpaper, would you like to change the colour of a wall.
You desire to move things and to freshen up where you live, add a few design objects?
We are here to advise and help you in the choice of your furniture.
We can offer solutions to all your domestic problems.

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Your garden is poor and abandoned ?
It bothers you seeing it like that ?
We can also furnish outdoor spaces, helping you to live well every day !
We offer our green planner for advice on projects, (gardens, flowering bushes and fences ) and suggesting garden furniture.

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